Hosbjerg is a Danish fashion brand with its head office in the heart of Copenhagen. Hosbjerg was established in 2014 by founder Camilla Hosbjerg.

Camilla created the brand with the purpose of making designs in good quality at affordable prices. Something she felt like had been missing in the industry.

Hosbjerg founder Camilla Hosbjerg

Founder Camilla Hosbjerg Evans

Hosbjerg’s identity is based on sporty references that still manage to emphasize the feminine and modern woman.

Being inspired by the sports world is not a coincidence since Camilla is a former professional badminton player.

The Hosbjerg design and DNA combines sporty and comfortable with a twist of playfulness.

“It’s important for us to dare to be innovative and different. Bright colors, funky prints and crooked details will always be a part of our collections”.



Hosbjerg ApS

CVR no. 43335847

Vestergade 11, 1

1456 Copenhagen K