International Women's Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Therefore, we have asked our founder of Hosbjerg, Camilla Hosbjerg Evans, some questions about her being a female entrepreneur and about the team behind Hosbjerg.

Hosbjerg founder


1. What has it been like to be a female entrepreneur and to start your own business?

I never really feel like I have had problems being a woman but the hardest thing for me has been having children while running my business. There is no such thing as maternity leave when you are self-employed. The day after I gave birth, I had to be available and answer emails, which was really hard but necessary and that is what I have chosen. Fortunately, there are other benefits and flexibility when it comes to family life and running a business.


2. What do you like most about your job?

I love to juggle many balls. None of my days are the same and I can never really plan my day as there is always something coming in, but I really like that.


3. What challenges, but also victories, have you had on your journey?

I have chosen to run my business myself without having any investors behind. I have done this so that I could involve myself and develop Hosbjerg in the right direction. Of course, it has been a huge challenge as I could not just afford to hire many employees who would allow it to expand faster. I have instead taken it slow and executed many different tasks myself. I am extremely proud of where Hosbjerg is today.


4. Can you tell us about the team behind Hosbjerg?

Behind Hosbjerg is a great team of 8 strong women, each working with their own area of the business.


5. How would you describe the atmosphere in the office?

The atmosphere in the office is always really good, everyone is smiling, welcoming and helpful, and we are like a small family.


6. What are the benefits of working in a women-only company?

I think there are many benefits. We think alike and understand each other's problems. We are interested in many of the same things and love talking with each other.


7. What do you hope for Hosbjerg in the future?

I hope that Hosbjerg continues to develop and inspire women all over the world. I love to see the way women express themselves and show their personalities through their style — wearing Hosbjerg.



We hope this reading has given you a little more knowledge about our founder and the team behind Hosbjerg.